UC Browser is one of the most popular web browsers on the internet today. UC Browser is developed by UCWeb, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group its free browser and, it is known for its speedy browsing capabilities, extensive features, and availability across multiple platforms.

UC Browser APK Download
UC Browser APK Download

UC Browser APK refers to the Android application package file that allows direct installation of UC Browser on Android smartphones, tablets, iOS, and PCs.

The UC Browser APK users across the world are enjoy the fast browsing speed and data-saving mode of UC Browser on their devices.

As reported by earthweb.com, UC Browser ranked 5th among the most widely used web browsers worldwide in June 2023, with a 1.11% share of the global browser market.

The APK file can be downloaded from the UCBROWSER.CC website.

What is UC Browser APP

UC Browser is a fast, smooth and customizable web browser for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Java ME and Blackberry platforms. It was launched in 2004 as a J2ME-only application but later expanded to other mobile platforms.

UC Browser aims to provide users with a smooth, fast, and secure web browsing experience on mobile devices. Its focus on performance, customization, and privacy has made it a popular choice globally.

Fast Browsing – UC Browser uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology for faster page loads.

Data savings – UC Browser compresses data consumption by up to 50%, helping save mobile data costs.

Ad blocking Built-in ad blocking allows for smooth web surfing without annoying ads.

Night mode – Adjusts screen brightness for comfortable nighttime browsing.

Privacy protection – UC Browser deletes browsing history, caches, and cookies to protect user privacy.

Media downloads – Allows downloading videos, music, and images from social media sites.

Cloud sync – Syncs bookmarks, themes, and other settings across devices.

With its fast speed, extensive features, and multi-platform availability, the UC Browser offers one of the best mobile browsing experiences today.

This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know about Using and Download UC Browser in 2024.

How to Download and Install UC Browser

UC Browser is available for free download across platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Java, Symbian, and Blackberry.

Here are the steps to download and install it on your device:

Since UC Browser is not available on Google Play for all countries and regions, many Android users resort to downloading the UC Browser APK file directly to install the app.

Here are the key steps:

Find a Reputable APK Download Source – First, find a trusted and safe website to download the latest UC Browser APK file.

Make sure to verify the source and check for user reviews before downloading.

Some reputable sites include: UCAPK.Net and UCBROWSER.CC

Avoid shady, unknown sites as they could host malicious files disguised as UC Browser.

Download the APK File – Once you find a reputable source, go ahead and download the latest version of the UC Browser APK file to your Android device.

Most sites will provide a direct download link along with details like the latest version number, file size, etc.

The APK file size will usually be between 60 to 80 MB.

Enable “Unknown Sources” on Android – To install any external APK, you need to enable “Install from unknown sources” under Settings > Safety & Security on your Android device.

Toggle on this setting before attempting the UC Browser APK installation.

Install the APK – With “Unknown sources” enabled, simply open the downloaded UC Browser APK file and tap “Install”.

The installation process will begin. Accept any permission or access prompts during the installation.

Once installed, you can open the UC Browser and start using it on your Android device.

UC Browser APP Download For Android or iOS

Simple Process Guide is Here: Download and Install UC Browser For Android, and iOS.

  • Open the Google Chrome Browser app on your Android device
  • Search for “UC Browser”
  • Tap on the UC Browser app by Ucbrowser.cc Inc.
  • Tap “Install” to download and install the app
  • Once installed, open UC Browser and enable necessary permissions if asked
  • You can now start using UC Browser on your Android device
  • Open the Safari/Chrome app on your iOS device
  • Search for “UC Browser”
  • Tap on the UC Browser app by Ucbrowser.cc Inc.
  • Tap “Get” to download and install the app
  • Open the UC Browser after the installation is complete
  • Enable notifications/location access if prompted
  • UC Browser is now ready to use on your iPhone or iPad

That covers the major mobile platforms where UC Browser is available. The download and installation process is quick and straightforward. Make sure to enable all required permissions after installing UC Browser to enjoy a smooth browsing experience.

UC Browser Download Latest APK

The UC Browser download and installation process is quick and straightforward you have to click on the below download link button.

where you can download the UC Browser App Latest and Old UC Browser APK for Free.

UC Browser App Download
App NameUC Browser
Latest Versionv13.4.0.1316
Updated On5 hours ago
Size63.03 MB
Total Downloads600 million+
Ratings4.8 Stars
DeveloperUCWeb Inc.

Features of UC Browser

UC Browser comes packed with useful features that enhance the mobile browsing experience. Here are some of its highlights:

  • Fast Page Loading – UC Browser uses advanced data compression algorithms to speed up page loads by minimizing data transfer. This makes browsing incredibly fast even on slower networks.
  • Data Saving Modes – By compressing images, text, and more, UC Browser reduces data consumption while browsing by up to 50% compared to default Android browsers.
  • Incognito Browsing – Surf in private without traces using secret browsing mode.
  • Night Mode Browsing – Night Mode turns the UI dark to prevent glare and strain while browsing at night. Font size also increases automatically for comfortable reading.
  • Gesture and Voice Control – Navigate web pages easily using intuitive tap, swipe, pinch zoom, shake, and other touch gestures. Voice commands provide hands-free control as well.
  • Ad Blocking – UC Browser blocks annoying ads from web pages for smooth and uninterrupted browsing. This also helps save data usage.
  • HTML5 Support – It provides full support for HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and other modern web technologies for great website compatibility.

With these useful enhancements optimized for the mobile experience, UC Browser offers top-notch web browsing capabilities.

  • Customizing UC Browser Settings – UC Browser is highly customizable allowing users to tailor the browser to their specific needs. Here are some key settings that can be customized:
  • Themes – Change the look and feel by selecting color themes under Settings > Display > Themes. Or download fresh themes from the add-ons section.
  • Data Savings – Enable data-saving modes like image compression, caching, and file compression under Data Savings in Settings.
  • Gestures – Configure tap, swipe, pitch, and shake gestures under Gesture Settings to your liking.
  • Privacy Protection – Clear cookies, site data, and browsing history regularly under Privacy & Security settings.
  • Download Locations – Set custom save locations for Downloads, Videos, Images, Audio files, etc under Settings > Advanced > File Locations.
  • Browser Sounds – Enable/disable sounds for tapping buttons, successfully downloading files, etc under Sound settings.
UC Browser Latest APK Download
UC Browser Latest APK Download

Take advantage of these customizable options to optimize the UC Browser as per your personal preferences.

Pros and Cons of UC Browser

UC Browser has several advantages but also comes with some limitations:

  • Fast browsing with data compression
  • Save data usage with data-saving modes
  • Smooth browsing with ad-blocking enabled
  • Supports HTML5, flash, video, downloads, etc.
  • Navigation easy with gesture and voice control
  • Night mode for nighttime use
  • Highly customizable settings and options
  • Syncs with Chrome using Chrome-friendly mode
  • Privacy concerns due to ownership by a Chinese company
  • Preinstalled apps and bookmarks are annoying for some users
  • Limited tablet optimization on Android
  • Lacks integration with Windows/Mac desktop browsers
  • Less frequent security updates compared to rivals

Despite some downsides, the UC Browser remains one of the top mobile browser choices thanks to its fast speeds, data-saving technology, and highly customizable options.

Tips and Tricks for Using UC Browser APK​

Despite some downsides, the UC Browser remains one of the top mobile browser choices worldwide thanks to its fast speeds, data-saving technology, and highly customizable options.

  • Enable “Speed Mode” for accelerated page loads on slow networks.
  • Use incognito browsing when accessing sensitive sites for privacy.
  • Set Dark Theme under Display settings for comfortable nighttime use.
  • Customize gestures like a scroll, pinch, swipe, etc for easier navigation.
  • Add favourites/bookmarks to Fast Dial for quick one-tap access.
  • Use the UC Browser download manager for easier file downloads.
  • Enable Chrome sync to share data between Chrome and UC Browser.
  • Schedule security scans to keep the browser safe from vulnerabilities.
  • Enable App Lock for additional security and privacy.
  • Customize the homepage to a site you frequently visit.
  • Clear cache/data periodically to keep the browser lean and fast.

Using these tips and tricks will help you have the best browsing experience with UC Browser on Android.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions

Is UC Browser free to use?

Yes, UC Browser is completely free to download and use with ads. There are no hidden charges.

Is it safe to use UC Browser?

UC Browser is generally safe to use. It uses secure encryption and block malicious sites for safe browsing.

Can I sync UC Browser with Chrome?

UC Browser’s Chrome-friendly mode allows syncing of bookmarks, open tabs, passwords, and other data across both browsers. Enable this from Settings.

Does it support Chrome sync?

Yes, enabling the Chrome-friendly mode in settings allow syncing data between UC Browser and Chrome.

Can I install UC Browser APK on Android 6.0+?

Yes, UC Browser APK can be installed even on the latest Android versions like 8.0 Oreo, 9 Pie, etc. Just enable “Unknown Sources” during installation.

Does UC Browser work on iPhone?

Yes, UC Browser is available for download on the iOS App Store for use on iPhones and iPads. It provides a fast browsing experience optimized for iOS.

Uc Browser App Download Latest Version?

YES, Uc Browser App Download Latest Version from Ucbrowser.cc website.

Is the UC Browser APK safe to download?

Yes, downloading UC Browser from reputable sites like Ucbrowser.cc is safe. Make sure to verify the source before downloading.


UC Browser is a robust, full-featured mobile browser that delivers one of the fastest browsing experiences across platforms like Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and more.

With intuitive features like data compression, Night Mode, Gesture/Voice control, Ad blocking, and download management, UC Browser aims to provide speed, security, and user convenience.

Despite some limitations like lesser privacy compared to rivals, it remains a top choice for those seeking fast mobile browsing with data savings.

All okay to say Following the tips in this guide will help you Download UC Browser’s Latest APK in 2024.


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